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THE NATURE OF GOD - David Hawkins

The Nature of God


Although it may seem like putting the cart before the horse, it serves the spiritual aspirant to know something of the destination in order to avoid being led off track by the fallacious. Error is rampant and often pervasive by the sheer masses of people who follow erroneous and misleading concepts and proselytize error.

To know God via direct experience is extremely rare. Enlightenment occurs to less than one person in more than ten million people. True teachers are few and pretenders abound. If the masses were headed in the right direction, sainthood and enlightenment would be common. They are not. The Buddha said, "Put no head above your own. Follow the true teachings only." The true way is simple and direct.

The Qualities of Divinity

This knowledge is important to comprehend so that one can quickly discern what God is not. Many religions teach what God is not in the form of misunderstanding and distortions of truth that occur because of the ego's misinterpretations and projection of anthropomorphic perceptions. To what know what God is and to have a tool available that can calibrate levels of truth is to be very well prepared for what can at times be a difficult journey or process.

God is everywhere present, including the here and now. God is not elsewhere, such as only in a distant heaven, nor in the future so as to be available only when one gets to heaven. The presence of God is thus available to everyone all the time. To realize this is just a matter of awareness. It is said that without the help of a guru, savior, or avatar, this awareness is unlikely to occur in the lifetime of most people, which may be true.

God is beyond perception, duality, positionality, or having parts. God is beyond all opposites, such as good and bad, right and wrong, win and lose. Like the sun, god shines equally on all. God's love is not reserved for the favored few, but it does shine through the clouds via the love we experience with others, including even pets and nature. The degree to which one experiences the presence of God's love varies markedly from one person to another, depending on one's level of consciousness.

The presence of God is the quintessence of profound peace, stillness, and love. It is overwhelming in its profundity. It is totally enveloping, and the love is so powerful that it dissolves any remaining 'non-love' held by the residual ego.

Like empty space that is unsullied by content, or water that is unaffected by the fish that swim through it, the mind of God is beyond all form. Like space, it is equally present in all objects therein.

That which is omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent is not vulnerable to threat or emotional upset; thus, God is not prone to revenge, jealousy, hatred, violence, vanity, egotism, or the need for adulation or compliments. The beneficiary of worshiping is the worshiper. God is totally and absolutely complete and has no needs or desires. God is not unhappy or upset if you have never heard of him or don't believe in him.

Many of the old-world descriptions of God are actually reprehensible and figments of man's guilty projections of fear. Primitives thought that every storm meant that God was angry and needed sacrifices to calm down. Volcanoes also indicated that God was angry. The ego demands explanations and looks for 'causes.' God was therefore rationalized to be the 'cause' of earthly events that created fear, such as earthquakes, famine, floods, pestilence, storms, drought, barrenness or ill health. God was considered the great punitive enforcer as well as the great rewarder. Thus arose numerous gods with many different descriptions in the traditions and cultures within which these myths originated. (Natural disasters occurred before mankind was even on the planet.)

The god of old is the projection of the ego energies traditionally associated with the chakra of the spleen. The gods of the spleen are really serious misconceptions and account for the fact that many old religions and scriptures make one go week with kinesiology. They represent the demonic gods of fear, hatred, envy, jealousy, and retribution. The fear of God's 'righteous anger' is still prevalent today.

One can see at a glance that righteousness is merely an arbitrary vanity of positionality, and anger would hardly be an emotional limitation to an ever-present, all-powerful God.

God is not injured by anybody's wrongdoing and therefore has no trauma to avenge. The image of God as a retaliatory cruel punisher is hard to eradicate from one's thinking. God is blamed for all that is actually the product of the ego itself. It is the ego that is the source of guilt, sin, suffering, condemnation, and creation of all the hells. It seeks salvation by blaming it all on God. It does so by turning God into His opposite. The gods of the lower regions are actually demons. In actuality, God cannot be manipulated, cajoled, bargained with, or maneuvered into a position of being either a perpetrator or a victim. God is not codependent or neurotic and does not suffer from a paranoid psychosis with grandiosity.

That which is all knowing and all present registers everything. Consciousness detects and instantly registers every event, thought, feeling, and occurrence and thus knows everything completely forever. One can verify by simple kinesiologic testing that every hair one every head is indeed counted, noticed, and filed away in the knowingness of an Infinite Consciousness itself. This occurrence is impersonal and automatic and happens because of the innate qualities of consciousness. God has no personal stake in all this nor does he react. God does not get upset or offended or get his nose out of joint at any impertinence or lack of good taste.

The infinite mercy and forgiveness of God is beyond any and all conception and is totally unconcerned with the trivialities of world events. God is not half a duality. In Infinity, there is no 'this' (bad) to react to, nor 'that.' God is neither sadistic nor cruel. He cannot be injured and therefore has no desire for revenge.

The experience of God is not possible to the ego, which is limited to perception and deals in concepts, feelings and form. God is nonmaterial and is not detectable by x-rays, spectrometers, photo film, Geiger counters, metal detectors, or ultraviolet or infrared detectors, which are the favorite tools of the paranormal investigators looking for 'spirits.'

The love of God is unconditional. It is not arbitrary or evanescent, nor is it parceled out to the deserving. To understand that God is love precludes all such notions. God does not make decisions, does not need any news, and does not need favorable reports in order to function. That which is completely and fully the totality of love has no capacity to stop being what it is.

By analogy, one can say that space cannot decide that it will suddenly become non-space. Everything is totally identical with the essence of its own existence. Love cannot turn into non-love, nor can God turn into non-God anymore than a giraffe can turn into a non-giraffe.

God is not a disturbed child or a parent. He does not read the news or punish the wicked. No arbitrary judgment is required in a universe which is innately just and self-balancing. Each entity experiences the consequences of its own doing, its own choices, its own wishes and belief systems. That which is all still, silent, peace, and love repels back onto itself all that is unloving, non-silent, and unpeaceful. This is experienced by the ego as hell, which is thereby self-created.

All actions, events, thoughts, ideas, concepts, and decisions are accompanied by an energy field which can be calibrated. Thus, by its own acts, the ego brings itself to its own level in the sea of consciousness. Like buoyancy, the impersonal quality of the sea of consciousness automatically determines the level to which one rises or sinks. This is merely the nature of the universe being what it is. The explanation which the ego and perception use to describe the automatic outcome of actions is called 'judgment,' which is an illusion, just as an explanation of events in the material world is ascribed to 'causality.'

God is not limited by concepts, ideas, thoughts, or languages. Because of the quality of omnipresence, the presence of God includes All That Is, including man's thinking but of itself does not partake of it. God does not talk to anybody. A voice booming out of the heavens is at best an interpretation of an inner experience which has been projected onto the physical world. Sound is a physical vibration. God is all present within the physical. That which is formless does not manipulate sound waves.

Enlightened beings do not relate any experiences of being spoken to or verbally addressed by God. This would surmise a duality of God versus a person to whom God is speaking. In reality, the Self and God and Allness are one. There is no separation between a speaker and that which is spoken to. Mystics attune to God by an unspoken knowningness. Messages from God are from the spiritual ego which has become dissociated and projected as some 'other' reality. 'Voices from God' are usually hallucinations. Occasionally, they are due to astral entities, some of whom claim 'Godship.'

The Infinite Presence has no intentions because, here again, there would have to be the duality of an intender, that which is intended, and that to whom the intention is directed. All such constructs are conceptualizations based on perceptual duality.

God is nondualistic, total, complete Allness and Oneness. Misinterpretations of God arise because the ego deals in perception and form. It also misidentifies force as power.

Power is analogous to a gravitational or magnetic field in that everything which occurs within it is impeccably and automatically the consequence of the nature of the field itself. The field does not 'choose' to attract anything nor does it have different rules for different objects. The field represents total equality. Likewise, in a spiritual field of power, everyone and everything is attracted and influenced by virtue of its own constitution or spiritual 'weight,' vibration, or attractor field.

Some entities or personal egos are repelled by a positive field. Many people are sincerely 'turned off' by anything loving, spiritual, or benevolent. Lots of people really hate both silence and peace; it drives them crazy. Are not solitary confinement and silence the ultimate punishment?

It seems that at consciousness level 200 [personified by the attribute of Integrity], a polarity shift occurs. It is as though from 200 up, the entity is positively charged, and below 200, negatively charged. It is obvious in society that those who tend toward criminality are attracted to criminality and to others of the same ilk, whereas those who choose peace and love are attracted to others with the same propensities.

Principles that are obvious and attractive above the level of 200 [Integrity] can become repulsive absurdities and are often ridiculed below the level of 200. Societies whose power derives from keeping consciousness level of people extremely low, such as the recent society in Cambodia, even take official political positions against love or its expressions.

In contrast, peace and love would be seen as the greatest of all opportunities for a person who is spiritually motivated. Although it may seem absurdly simple and obvious, unfortunately, to most of mankind, it is an unfamiliar fact that God is at the top of the Scale of Consciousness and not at the bottom. It is also obvious to the spiritually advanced, but not to the masses, that creation and power radiate from the top down and not vice versa. The power of creation belongs to God alone. The physical world does not possess the power of creation or causality; thus, it is impossible for creation to proceed from form and materiality into life and eventually nonform. People are not 'co-creators; with God. God doesn't need help. What would a human being be capable of co-creating, anyway? God is beyond all form.

Ordinary people think in terms of form. Why would that which is omnipotent, omnipresent, and formless be interested in worldly games? There is nothing that 'needs' to be created.

The effects of the presence of God emanate from the Divine Essence itself and are not selective acts by God. In Reality, there are neither happenings nor events and, therefore, there is no need for correction or intervention.

Between God and man there is a hierarchy of spiritual energy levels and fields of graduated power. These are intuited and referred to as the Holy Spirit, the higher self, the grace of God, angels, archangels, and heavens.. . .

Each existence is then the consequence of the Presence and given the capacity to fulfill its destiny. The strength to sustain and survive the enlightenment experience itself is provided by the Holy Spirit as a powerful energy which sustains the remainder of destined life. It is by means of the Holy Spirit that there is a return to function of the faculties necessary, but they have been transformed forever. Even the 'experience' itself cannot be spoken of for many years. There is no one to tell and nothing to report. There is no speaker and no one to decide to speak. Life is directed and propelled by the Presence. The illusion of an independent, personal will or decision maker is gone forever. Perhaps subsequent actions are the momentum of a prior covenant or commitment. Everything happens of its own. Ongoing life is self-actualizing and fulfilling. There is no personal self to do anything; there is no thinker to think, no actor to act, no doer to do, no decider to decide. All verbs, adjectives, and pronouns become meaningless.
Eye of The I, by David R. Hawkins.

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