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Que es el agua de mar?

Tan contento ツ y ツ complacido de poder contar con 🌊 y de 🌊 ella, el aguita de mar, anotaté al grupo y comparte el enlace, muchas gracias www.facebook.com/groups/aguadeamar 🌊 🌊 🌊


The Discovery of Huna
In the year 1917, Max Freedom Long, then a young man was in search of employment. He had recently graduated from what is now known as UCLA, it was then known as the Los Angeles Normal School. There was a program that provided teachers for the children of government employees sent to Hawaii. It also provided education to the native Hawaiians. As he was having difficulty finding a job, though his degree was in psychology, he was soon on his way to the then territory of Hawaii as a teacher.

He discovered, much to his alarm, that magic was being practiced in the islands by the local priests. Spirits walked. Healings were being done. Weather was being controlled. There were practitioners who could call fish to the shore. Telepathic messages were being sent & received. The priests, called Kahunas, walked on lava flows just hardened enough to sustain their weight and still hot enough to cook meat. People were being prayed to death.
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Mr. Long, being a school teacher and scientifically educated, went to the head of the Bishop museum, Dr. William Tufts Brigham. Mr. Long requested that Dr. Brigham explain how these charlatans operated.

First the head of the museum questioned Long about what he had studied, his reading and what he had observed about the Kahunas and their practices while in Hawaii. Then, much to his dismay, Dr. Brigham told him it was not trickery.

When Mr. Long recovered from his shock, Dr. Brigham began his explanation. Dr. Brigham said he had been studying Hawaiian magic for forty years. He told him that it was true magic and that he, Brigham had participated in some of it; though he had never penetrated to the secret of what was really happening.

He explained that Kahunas specialized like any profession in the Western world. Some Kahunas were specialists in canoe building. Some were specialists in navigating. Polynesians were probably the best navigators in the world prior to modern science.

Certain Kahunas were specialists in spiritual matters and magic. There were the temple Kahunas, who did rituals for the people and the temple as well as magic. There were the fire walking Kahunas. Also there were the Ana Ana Kahunas who prayed people to death. There were healing Kahunas of varying specialties. Some used herbs. Some used manipulation and massage. Then there were also some relied more heavily on psychology. But they all used magic.

Dr. Brigham told of a day when he had walked over a hot lava flow under the protection of three Kahunas. They watched the lava flow into an area and caused it to become a pool. Then they waited until it had cooled sufficiently so that it would hold the stones they threw upon it. When it was strong enough to hold a man's weight, they started their rituals.

They did their chants and then placed the ritual ti leaves on their bare feet. The ti plant is native to Hawaii and often used in rituals. Dr. Brigham wrapped the ti leaves over his hiking boots. The Kahunas informed him that the rituals and that chants only protected feet. They could not guarantee his shoes or socks. Finally they decided to offer his boots as a sacrifice.

When it came Dr. Brigham's turn, he hesitated. They gave him a shove to get him started. He ran as fast as he could to avoid falling or burning. His boot soles burned off. His socks burned off. But his feet and the feet of the three Kahunas were totally unharmed.

He told of his experiences with the Ana'Ana Kahunas. These were the ones who could pray people to death. The American's name for what they did was the death prayer. A much feared local Kahuna had sent the curse upon a Hawaiian employee of Dr. Brigham's. He had been able to turn a death prayer back upon the Ana'Ana Kahuna who had sent it.

bonus https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqIek45JWS1zZ4UqGWxM9NWUlP9PH7-qy

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The Hurtless and Helpful Life.

The Known Universe by AMNH

Burt Harding 5-step program

a talk given on June 28, 2001 Burt Harding

Welcome to satsang.

Those of you listening to this topic today are very fortunate because you can apply what you are about to hear in every aspect of your life. The topic today is inner body awareness. This phrase was coined by Eckhart Tolle, who as you know, is the author of the bestseller “The Power of Now.” I would like to use that term because it is so complete.

In our journey throughout life, we strive to grow, to improve. In our youth, we strive for physical excellence, usually. As we grow a little older, we strive for mental excellence, maybe taking up psychology and philosophy. And as we mature even more and begin to question life, we go into spirituality. Initially in our spiritual journey, we become interested in many things. Angels, reincarnation, UFOs, parapsychology, psychic phenomena, the hereafter, etc. This is OK, this is fine, these are true; but they are not the Truth. What we do in satsang is take a short cut to the pinnacle, to the major truth, and there is only one Truth. We are all bound to arrive at that sooner or later, and when we do, we realize it’s the only way to peace, the only way to fulfillment. The question is, “Who am I?”

Who are you, really? You cannot really define who you are, but for the sake of the inner body experience today, we are going to call you the “here and now.” Now please listen to that. You are the here and now! How powerful that is! I am not saying that you are here and now. I am not saying that here and now is the truth. I am saying you are the here and now ITSELF.
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Before you get to his list please consider SEAWATER as the intake and thalasotherapy with all of the minerals in perfectly homeostatic suspension and 100% bocompatibility with your blood in its correspondent ratio, 9gr salts pro blood liter and 36 gr pro liter of seawater, review the legacy of rene quinton and laureano dominguez and angel gracia and do your research, and now to sebi,s shopping list, enojoy.

THE DR. SEBI HYBRID FOODS LIST - These vegetables do not supply the body with any nutrients + what food list is alkaline so good for you. Please share to your brothers and sisters


One must first start with removing much of the dead animals and dairy products from their diet. There are also several vegetables on the market that are hybrids. These vegetables do not supply the body with any nutrients. Some people believe they are eating healthy foods when infact they are eating man made hybrids such as Tofu and Soy.

RECOMMENDED GOD-MADE, NON HYBRID FOODS (which means they are naturally alive, electric & NOT man-made in an artificial labratory.) If you are growing organic contact: PristineHydro.com for the highest quality fresh brewed living water you can get in the USA for farming purposes.

Amaranth greens – same as Callaloo, a variety of Spinach

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Interview with David Wolfe, author of the groundbreaking new book on success and diet The Sunfood Diet Success System.

JEAA: You have just finished writing a new book called The Sunfood Diet Success System. Can you tell our readers how the idea of writing that book came about, and what is the general message behind it?

David Wolfe: This book project actually began in 1993 when I made the commitment to write a book on veganism and the Laws of Nature. Parts of that original project ended up in the Nature's First Law: The Raw-Food Diet book, other parts carried through to this project. This new book represents the culmination of years of experimenting with different types of raw plant-food diets. It represents all the knowledge I have acquired from being at ground zero of the worldwide raw-food movement. It represents the precise distinctions necessary to maintain and stay balanced on a 100% raw plant-food diet. I explain in detail how to use different foods to achieve different results, such as eating to: gain weight, lose weight, detoxify, increase spirituality, increase mental clarity, overcome hypoglycemia, overcome candida, etc.

JEAA: The most amazing thing I see in your book is the way you mix the field of diet with self-development technology. Any purpose in doing that?

David Wolfe: In my new book, I mention a quote by James Allen from his wonderful book As You Think. He wrote (and I'm roughly paraphrasing here): "A change of diet will little help a man who is not willing to change his thoughts." Life change comes from the inside out. It all begins in the mind. The human mind is the most powerful computer in the universe. The challenge is, it has no instruction manual! The purpose of weaving self-development information into my book has been to provide instructions on how to use the mind and then to act on those instructions in order to produce results such as a change in diet and lifestyle.

JEAA: Concerning the raw food diet, the big insight or revelation I got from your book is "The Sunfood Triangle" diagram. Can you tell us what this "triangle" is all about and how you came up with it?

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Deadly Food Addictions

Are You addicted to food? I am! That’s right. Just as addicted as an alcoholic is to alcohol, I’m addicted to food. That’s what got me into trouble with my health…..bad diet, bad lifestyle! I turned to food for every reason imaginable, because I was happy, sad, lonely, depressed, frustrated, stressed, or bored. Whatever the reason, I had to eat, and I did!! Food called my name. If potato chips were in the house I had to eat them! Food gets on my mind and I can’t get it off. I’ve been obsessed with everything from chocolate candy to french fries. Food surrounds every activity that I do. Sound familiar?

Many of us including myself have become addicted to certain foods. When I read David Wolfe’s "Sunfood Diet Success System" I found out that with most people there are usually 5 or 6 foods that they are actually addicted to and have trouble releasing. These foods usually include: bread, baked potatoes, coffee, potato chips, corn chips, tofu, chocolate candy, fish, and/or cigarettes (not a true food but certainly an oral gratification) and even carrot juice.

Most of these foods come from hybridized plants. I never thought about any of this stuff before I got cancer. Then I began to pay attention to food and its role in disease and in healing.
I learned about hybrid foods from Wolfe’s book where he brought to my attention that hybrid foods are "missing vital electrics." This is what Wolfe has to say about hybrids. "They are unnaturally high in sugar and off in the mineral ratios. Hybrid foods are devoid of proper mineral balance that all wild foods contain. So when we eat a lot of hybrid fruit, that leads to mineral deficiencies in our bodies. Not only are hybrid fruits and sweet, starchy vegetables unbalanced in minerals, it is eating too much of hybrid sweet fruit and sweet and starchy vegetables that causes the body to bring heavy minerals from the bones into the blood to buffer the hybrid sugar. This hybrid sugar is not completely recognized by the liver and pancreas. The minerals and sugar are spilled off into the urine. Hybrid sweet fruit and sweet starchy vegetables can over stimulate you and cause you to lose minerals."

So, what are hybrid foods? Hybrid foods are foods which will not grow in Nature. They are foods which must be nurtured and protected by humans or else they will be overcome by birds, insects, worms, fungi, and bacteria.

Some common hybrid fruits are: seedless apples, bananas, several date varieties like medjools, kiwis, seedless pineapples, seedless citrus fruit, seedless grapes, seedless persimmons, seedless watermelons. Common hybrid vegetables include: beets, carrots, corn, and potatoes. Common hybrid nuts and seeds include: cashews, oats, rice, and wheat. Brown, white, and "wild" rice are hybrids. Commercial "soft" wheat is a hybrid. Alfalfa sprouts and most commercially available legumes are hybrids.

Hybrid foods are attacked by different forms of fungi and are much more susceptible to early decay. Hybrid foods can feed fungal conditions like candida whereas non-hybrid or wild fruit will not lead to such a condition.

Hybrid foods are everywhere so if you eat you’ve got to eat some hybrids. If you want to make eating hybrids work for you David Wolfe recommends that you eat small amounts of the fruits and vegetables. Mix bananas with fat (avocados, nuts, olives) and it will lessen the hybrid effect on the system. If you eat more green-leafed vegetables and avocados, nuts, or olives with hybrid sweet fruits or vegetables it will decrease their effect on the blood sugar and increase the utility of elements in the food. Hybrid grains and legumes should be soaked and sprouted, and absolutely never cooked. As long as they are raw, the body can draw nutrients from them and can deal with them.

Eat organic locally grown produce as much as possible. Eat food that is in season. Identify the hybridized foods (raw and cooked) in your diet. Make a decision to replace these foods with more natural foods as soon, and as often, as possible. See and feel the difference that eating the right foods can make in your life. I had no idea how bad food was making me feel until I cleaned up my act and started eating raw and living foods. For the first time I can remember feeling really good. Instead of wanting to take a nap after eating I felt energized. The pain and stiffness in my joints disappeared. My depression went away. My health returned.

It’s not easy to change a lifetime of bad eating habits, but it’s the most important thing that you can do to really improve your health. It’s not only how you prepare your foods, it’s making the right selections of foods to prepare, and then eating those foods in the right combinations.
Addictions can be very difficult to break, but it can be done. First you have to want to make the changes. For me it took a life threatening situation (cancer) to get my attention and make me want to make changes in my diet. For some people it can be extra weight that needs to come off, for others it could be a very serious disease that wakes them up. Next you want to pinpoint what foods you are addicted to and when you eat these foods. Begin to replace your "bad foods" with foods that are good for you. Feel the difference when you eat fresh, organic, raw and living foods. The more you eat this way and the cleaner your body becomes, the less you will crave the old "bad food". The longer you eat healthy, the easier it becomes.

Detoxing the body is important if you want to give up food addictions. As long as there is residue of the bad foods in your body, you will continue to crave those foods. So, don’t wait to change your ways. Think about your life and your health. Is a moment of gratification on your lips and in your mouth worth a lifetime of disease, pain, and suffering? Every disease comes from toxicity and deficiency in the body, and all toxicity and deficiency is directly related to every bite you put into your mouth. Everything you eat affects your overall health. Make a conscious decision to change your bad habits and to eat right and heal! Get the information and support you need to help you make those changes, and then Just Do It!!

Brenda Cobb is the Director of the Living Foods Institute.
1700 Commerce Drive, Suite 100 Atlanta, GA 30318
You can reach her by calling 404-524-4488 or if you live outside the Atlanta area, call toll free: 1-800-844-9876.
Contact the Living Foods Institute today to learn more about healing your body from the inside out.


¿Cuál es la diferencia experimental entre satori—en el zen, un vislumbre de la Iluminación—y samadhi, la consciencia cósmica?


El samadhi empieza como una ruptura, pero nunca acaba. Una ruptura siempre comienza y acaba, tiene unos límites, un principio y un final, pero el samadhi empieza como una ruptura y entonces dura para siempre. No tiene final. Así que si el suceso llega como una ruptura y no tiene final, es samadhi, pero sí es una ruptura total, con un comienzo y un final, entonces es un satori, y eso es diferente. Si es sólo un vislumbre, sólo una ruptura, y esa ruptura desaparece de nuevo, si es un paréntesis y el paréntesis está completo—atisbas en su interior y regresas; entras en él y regresas—si algo sucede y de nuevo desaparece, es un satori. Es un vislumbre, un vislumbre del samadhi, pero no el samadhi.

"Samadhi" significa el comienzo del saber, sin ningún final.

En la India no tenemos ninguna palabra que corresponda a satori, de modo que, a veces, cuando la ruptura es grande, uno puede confundir el satori con el samadhi. Pero nunca son iguales; es sólo un vislumbre. Has alcanzado lo cósmico y has mirado en su interior, y entonces todo ha desaparecido otra vez. Desde luego, tú no serás el mismo; ahora nunca serás el mismo otra vez. Algo ha penetrado en ti, algo te ha sido añadido; nunca podrás ser el mismo. Pero todavía, eso que te ha cambiado no permanece contigo. Es sólo un recuerdo, sólo memoria. Es sólo un destello.

Si puedes recordarlo, si puedes decir, "He conocido ese instante", es solamente un vislumbre, porque en el instante en que el samadhi suceda, no estarás allí para recordarlo. Entonces nunca dirás, "Lo he conocido", porque al conocer, el conocedor se pierde. Solamente con el vislumbre permanece el conocedor.

Así pues, el conocedor puede guardar como un recuerdo este vislumbre. Puede suspirar por él, puede desearlo, puede acariciarlo, puede esforzarse de nuevo por experimentarlo, pero él está todavía ahí. Aquél que ha tenido un vislumbre, aquél que lo ha visto, está ahí. Eso se ha convertido en un recuerdo y ahora ese recuerdo te perseguirá, te acechará, y exigirá una y otra vez que se repita el fenómeno.

En el instante en que el samadhi sucede, tú no estás allí para recordarlo. El samadhi nunca se convierte en parte de la memoria porque el que estaba allí ya no está. Como dicen en zen, "El hombre viejo ha desaparecido y el nuevo ha llegado..." Y esos dos nunca se encuentran, de modo que no existe la posibilidad de recuerdo alguno. Lo viejo se ha ido y lo nuevo ha llegado y no ha habido encuentro entre los dos, porque lo nuevo solamente puede llegar cuando lo viejo se ha ido. Entonces no es un recuerdo, no hay un anhelo hacia él, no nos acecha, no suspiramos por él. Entonces, tal y como eres, estás en paz y no hay nada que desear.

No es que hayas matado el deseo, ¡no! Es una ausencia de deseos en el sentido de que aquél que podía desear ya no existe. No es un estado de no-deseo; es la extinción del deseo, porque aquél que podía desear ya no existe. Entonces no hay deseo alguno, ya no existe el futuro, porque el futuro es creado por nuestros deseos; es una proyección de nuestros deseos.

Si no hay deseos, no hay futuro. Y si no hay futuro, no hay necesidad del pasado porque el pasado es siempre un telón de fondo contra el cual, o mediante el cual, es anhelado el futuro.

Si no hay futuro, si sabes que en este mismo instante vas a morir, no hay necesidad de recordar el pasado. Entonces no hay ni tan sólo necesidad de que recuerdes tu nombre porque el nombre posee un significado solamente si existe un futuro. Puede que lo necesites, pero si no hay futuro, simplemente quema todos tus vínculos con el pasado. No los necesitas; el pasado ha dejado de tener sentido. El pasado solamente tiene sentido si apoya o contradice al futuro.

En el instante en que el samadhi ha sucedido, el futuro se convierte en algo no-existencial. No existe; solamente existe el momento presente. Es el único momento; no existe ni siquiera pasado. El pasado ha desaparecido y el futuro también y una única, momentánea existencia se ha convertido en la totalidad de la Existencia. Estás en ella, pero no como una entidad distinta de ella. No puedes diferenciarte de ella porque solamente te diferencias de ella debido a tu pasado o tu futuro. La única barrera entre tú y el momento presente que está aconteciendo son el pasado y el futuro cristalizados a tu alrededor. De modo que cuando sucede el samadhi no existen ni pasado, ni futuro. No es que tú estés en el presente; es que tú eres el presente, te conviertes en el presente.

El samadhi no es un vislumbre, el samadhi es una muerte. Pero el satori es un vislumbre, no una muerte. Y el satori es posible de muchas maneras. Una experiencia estética puede ser una posible causa para que se dé el satori; la música puede ser una posible causa del satori; el amor puede ser un posible origen del satori. En cualquier momento intenso en que el pasado pierda su importancia, en cualquier instante en el que estés viviendo en el presente – un instante que puede ser o bien de amor, o de música, o sentimiento poético, o de cualquier experiencia estética en la cual el pasado no interfiera, en la cual no haya deseo hacia el futuro—el satori se hace posible. Pero es sólo un destello. Este destello es importante porque a través del satori puedes, por primera vez, sentir lo que significa el samadhi. El primer sabor, o el primer perfume distintivo del samadhi, llega a través del satori.

Así que el satori sirve de ayuda, pero cualquier cosa que sirva de ayuda puede convertirse en un obstáculo si te aferras a ella y la sientes como si lo fuera todo. El satori conlleva una dicha que es capaz de engañarte; posee una dicha propia. Debido a que desconoces el samadhi, aquél es la cosa más grande que alcanzas, y te aferras a él. Pero si te apegas a él, puedes hacer que eso que era una ayuda, eso que era un amigo, se convierta en una barrera y en un enemigo. De modo que uno ha de ser consciente del posible peligro del satori. Si te das cuenta de esto, entonces la experiencia del satori te será de ayuda.

Un único, un momentáneo vislumbre, es algo que nunca puede ser conocido por otros medios. Nadie puede explicarlo; ni las palabras, ni la comunicación pueden darte pistas de ello. El satori es importante, pero es sólo un vislumbre, algo así como un paso adelante, como un único y momentáneo avance hacia la Existencia, hacia el abismo. No has podido ni siquiera darte cuenta de ese momento, no has podido ser consciente de él cuanto ya se te ha cerrado. Como el clic de la cámara; un clic y todo se ha perdido. Entonces surgirá un anhelo; lo arriesgarás todo por ese instante. Pero no lo anheles, no lo desees; déjalo que duerma en el recuerdo. No lo conviertas en un problema; simplemente, olvídalo. Si eres capaz de olvidarlo y no te aferras a él, esos momentos llegarán a ti cada vez más y más; los vislumbres te vendrán más y más.

Una mente exigente llega a cerrarse, y el vislumbre desaparece. Siempre se presenta cuando no eres consciente de él, cuando no lo buscas, cuando estás relajado, cuando no estás ni pensando en eso, cuando ni tan sólo meditas. Incluso si estás meditando, el vislumbre se convierte en algo imposible, pero cuando no estás meditando, cuando estás en un momento en el que te dejas ir – sin hacer nada, ni tan siquiera esperando nada – en ese momento de relajación, el satori sucede.

Empezará a sucederte más y más, pero no pienses en ello, no lo desees. Y nunca lo confundas con el samadhi.

Meditación: El Arte del Éxtasis, cap 15

 The practice of deep rest consciously happens (naturally) in some people due to old impressions. Just by doing something, you cannot achieve this awareness. You cannot bring up the intelligence or alertness in you by effort. This happens without effort, by relaxation, by reposing in the Self.
- Patanjali Yoga Sutra #18


La recuperación de la matriz energética

  • Octubre 2º de 2015 a las 9:27 AM

Al nacer, cada persona recibe una cierta matriz energética que regula la recepción y distribución de energía en el cuerpo. Cada persona es su propia e individual: dos matriz de poder completamente idénticos no existe. La matriz de energía que resulta en el nacimiento está sujeto a todo tipo de influencias externas e internas y los cambios a menudo no están en el buen sentido. Como resultado del estrés, los efectos externos negativos, la desnutrición, los meridianos de energía se reducen, ya veces incluso desaparecen, centros de energía son desplazados o incluso desaparecen, y como resultado, una persona comienza a sentir molestias en diferentes partes del cuerpo, aparece la enfermedad y todo tipo de trastornos. La principal causa de todas las enfermedades son trastornos en la matriz de la energía humana. Mal funcionamiento de la matriz energética deja de proteger la salud humana, esa persona comienza a sufrir de neurótica, la enfermedad, la depresión. Debido al hecho de que su poder "armadura" está dañado, se prestará a las influencias externas, su conciencia puede ser manipulado fácilmente.
Por regla general, las personas con alteración de la matriz energética constantemente buscando maneras de restaurar su funcionamiento normal. Algunos médicos sin fin que visitan que no entienden la esencia del problema sólo afectan al cuerpo físico, mientras que otros han recurrido al alcohol (que, de hecho, sólo unas pocas horas máscaras recibieron daños), en otros una violación de la matriz energética se expresa en el consumo excesivo o el acaparamiento, la agresión , fobias. El hombre comienza a quejarse de la constante falta de energía, debilidad, fatiga. Ya no obtiene alegría de la vida, comienza a salir de la película, que destruye tanto el hombre y sus relaciones interpersonales. Poco a poco, la gente comienza a evitar el contacto con una persona así, y él es el único.
Métodos de corrección de la matriz energética daños conocido por la humanidad desde hace miles de años. Es una oración o la meditación. Pero el hombre moderno con el fin de aprender a meditar como un monje budista debe ser un promedio de 10 a 15 años, y el tiempo para el que tenían, por regla general, no. Sí y la marca de estilo de vida urbano no es propicio a la intimidad.
Es la más moderna neyroaudiotehnologii a eficacia y en el programa "Restauración de la matriz energética" tiempo más corto posible para este fin y se ha desarrollado que se utilizan para proporcionar un efecto reductor sobre la matriz de la energía humana. Ya después de la primera escucha no sólo se sentirá las violaciónes de un órgano o de energía particulares meridianos, sino también ser capaces ellos mismos, sin ningún tipo de ayuda, para corregirlos.
Para este programa, además del uso tradicional y la más moderna tecnología, tales como la amplitud dinámica modulación de sonido tridimensional, que se crea utilizando una matriz holográfica, un tenedor de sintonía, que afecta a la energía de su cuerpo y corrige los daños existentes en ella.
Todo lo anterior suena un poco fantástico, realmente no es una exageración aquí. Por otra parte, nos aseguramos de que después de la primera audición (con sujeción a las reglas del programa) va a experimentar cambios positivos en su cuerpo y la mente es, literalmente, en 10-30 minutos después de su finalización, y algunos experimentará al instante. Es ficción no lo hace . totalmente irrelevante, es el resultado de años de trabajo e investigación plasmada en sonido Escucha el programa de imagen-CE, puede entonces: el https: //www.advanced-mind-institut e.org/store/jenergija-i-motivacija/vosst anovleniye- energeticheskoy-matritsy.html

Originally posted by lenny_van_ross at Нейроматрица

Подробно о программе тут: https://www.advanced-mind-institute.org/store/podpiska/neuromatrix.html

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